A Review of State Champs at Upstate Concert Hall


State Champs came to Upstate Concert Hall this past Saturday, May 13th, 2017. It was the second to last show of the tour and they wanted their last Saturday of the tour to be in their hometown. State Champs performed after Don Broco, With Confidence, and  Against the Current.

The show was sold out and considering it was the hometown of the headlining band it seemed appropriate. The venue was kinda small to fit all those people. People were pushing and shoving. People were just everywhere, even some people were crowd surfing.

The venue itself, Upstate Concert Hall, was full of people of all ages. Even some boys that were around seven to ten. The price of tickets was reasonable being around $20. The bar at the center had drinks for all ages. They also had a nice system to not have underage drinking. However, the venue was very hot. In the first half of the show a guy passed out from the heat.

Don Broco was one of the opening performers. Don Broco is from Bedford, United Kingdom. He played some more hardcore music than the other bands. The pumped up the crowd. He even encouraged the audience to for a mosh pit. A mosh pit is an area where moshing occurs, especially in front of the stage at a rock concert. His music was just head banging good.

The second band that performed at the show was With Confidence. With Confidence is from  Sydney, Australia. The band kept the audience pumped. There was more crowd surfing with this band than any other. Everyone knew the lyrics to all their songs and everyone was singing along. The band was so energetic. And you could tell they were working hard by the sweat in the frontman’s hair. It was soaked with sweat.

The last opening band was Against the Current. The band is from Poughkeepsie, NY. This band was the only one with a frontwoman. She was so enthusiastic. Her hair was all over the place. The songs the band performed were a little less hardcore. But everyone was still pumped about them.

The main event of this concert was State Champs. They had the longest set list of all of them. The band originated from here in Upstate New York, they even graduated from Shenendehowa. Shen should be proud of this band and all of their success.

State Champs performance was one to watch. Everyone in the audience was dancing and singing along. The band was just as pumped as the audience. They just kept pumping the crowd up more and more with each song. The band interacted with the crowd, they asked questions to the audience.  

The overall show was a great experience for both the fans and the performers. The venue a good job at contributing to the experience. The whole show was very energetic with everyone jumping around enjoying the music and having a good time.


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