Who’s Coming to Upstate Concert Hall?


If you live in a small town you know that most of your favorite bands will not come to your town, unless they are really big and the band knows there is a big following in that town.

In this town it is a rarity to see a band like Palaye Royale, Waterparks, or even Sleeping With Sirens come to Upstate Concert Hall.

So far this year we have seen Andy Black performing with Palaye Royale back in February. The Homecoming Tour was Andy Biersack’s first tour since he became Andy Black. Andy remade his image to be more sophisticated.  He has the gelled up hair and suspenders. He looks very dashing.

Another band that came here was Pierce the Veil. their music is kind of like Sleeping with Sirens, but a little more hardcore. Their music is very catchy, almost toe-tapping.Their music is good to listen to if you got your heartbroken. The band has recently announced a new tour this summer. But sadly they will not be coming to Upstate Concert Hall this tour.

One concert that is coming up this Saturday, May 13th, is State Champs. State Champs is a band that originated from here at Shen. The band’s music is very upbeat and easy to sing along to. The band is on tour with Against the Current, With Confidence, Young Culture, and Don Broco.

Another concert to look forward to in the coming weeks is Seether. This bad is hardcore. Every song they sing it’s just screaming into the microphone. Their songs do actually have meanings to them. Their songs hit you hard in the feels.

In June the band Parkway Drive will be coming to the concert hall. They will be accompanied by The Word Alive and Wage War. I haven’t really heard Parkway Drive’s music, but I have heard they are very good.


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