Bring Me the Horizon and Their New Album

BY KATE HEINSmaxresdefault

Summer is creeping up and that means one thing, new albums and tours. One band I am personally excited about is Bring Me the Horizon. I have been a fan since I heard their song Sleepwalking.

Bring Me the Horizon is talking about their new album now. That means it’s coming soon. The band has talked about how the new album is different from their other albums.

The band has talked about how they want to use the sound from their earlier albums in this new album. They are incorporating bits form their Sempiternal album from 2013 and bits from That’s the Spirit album from 2015. They want to take what they’ve done in a whole new direction. They want their new album to be interesting and exciting.

Jordan Fish, the band’s keyboard player and songwriter, said, “It’s not going to be a pop record… I don’t think we’d ever do a straight, boring pop record.” Fish has also explained that it won’t be heavy either.

The band understands that some of their fans aren’t going to like the album very much because they want the band to go back to their heavy music from their Sempiternal album. According to Jordan Fish the people who only like the last album won’t like the new one because it’s heavy.

Singer, Oli Sykes, said “I think some bands at this age, when you get into fifth album and stuff as well, are still trying to sing about the same things and stuff to make the kids happy that used to listen to them. But if it’s not true to what you are, it’s not where you’re at in life, it’s gonna look transparent. I think that’s why we’ve managed to carry on as a band, because we’ve always evolved and we’ve always made music that we still really, really love. It’s not music that we used to love.”

The evolution of Bring Me the Horizon’s’ music changes and with these changes come new fans who are attracted to the new sound the band makes.

The true fans of the band are super excited for how the band will sound next. It doesn’t mean they will like the new music, but it means that the fans love more than the music, they love the band members too. I consider myself a true fan. I love the music they make and I’m always excited to hear what the band is doing next.

The British band has also talked about how hard it is to get on the radio in the United States compared to getting on the radio in England.  “It’s a lot harder to break into radio in America,” Malia explains. In my opinion most of the people of the United States listen to pop music on the radio and there isn’t really a station for music the Bring Me the Horizon and similar bands make.




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