Warped Tour and Why it’s Great


Warped Tour, every punk-rocker, punk, pop-punk fans’ favorite two words besides “free merch”. It is the event of the summer.

Warped tour is a huge music festival during the summer that travels across the United States and Canada. It was created by Vans, the shoe company. The music festival has been going on for 22 years.

Recently they have released the band line up and it is mixed with bands that are well known by everyone and new up and coming bands that most fans will be happy about. For some bands this tour is their big break where they can get out there and have people listen to their music.

In the past Warped Tour has had some artists that you wouldn’t think played at Warped Tour. One artist who some people know played at Warped Tour was Katy Perry. She played in the early 2000s.

Another set of musicians who played at Warped Tour were Taboo, will.i.am and apl.de.ap, pre-Fergie. They played in 1999 with a raw hip hop sound.

Ice-T, knowns for his role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, played at Warped Tour 1999. He returned to the stage with Body Count at Warped Tour in 2009.

Pharrell Williams played at Warped Tour in 2002 with his band N.E.R.D. Before he became well known for the song “Happy” he played amongst bands like Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and Everytime I Die.

Another well known musician who played at Warped Tour before his big break was Mike Posner. With his big hit “Cooler Than Me” he played Warped Tour with a sound that stood out at the rock music festival.

The festival does so well and has many things that even the most punk rock fan doesn’t know about.

Canned water was created by Monster to use at Warped Tour. Now most music festivals use it.

The original name of the tour was supposed to be Bomb, but due to the bombing in Oklahoma City, they decided to go a different way.

The band Less Than Jake has played the most Warped Tour dates. They have played their 365th set on the 2014 Tour.

The first year of Warped, Kevin Lyman, the man in charge of the tour, was asked to dump Vans for a lot of cash by Airwalk. He kept Vans in the end.

Warped Tour is one of the biggest music festivals during the summer. It is a fun time to go to a Warped Tour show. Some people have even said going to Warped Tour is like going to Disney World.

When people go to Disney World they get to meet their favorite characters in the park. At Warped Tour fans get to meet and maybe if they are lucky they get to hang out and listen to other acts with their favorite bands.

Fast Passes at Disney are like the “Skip The Line” wristbands at Warped Tour. The “Skip The Line” wristbands let you skip the general admission line to get into the venue by donating three canned good, $5, or an old cell phone to Feed Our Children NOW.

If you’ve been to Disney you know that the Magic Kingdom has a few different lands within the park. Well Warped Tour has a few different stages to have different bands perform at once and not interfere with each other.

If you go to Disney you have to wear the Mickey ears, no question about it. And at Warped you have to wear band merch to show off who you are there to see. Whether it’s a band tee or any other accessory a band put its name on.

Main Street U.S.A. has all those stores right when you enter the park. Warped Tour’s version of that is merch tent, where you can buy all the mech you could ever want.

If anyone is planning to go to Warped Tour this year they need a few things before they even leave the house to hit the road. They need to make sure they have clothes they won’t pass out in the heat in. Just like in Orlando, Florida the heat can get quite uncomfortable, especially with all the other bodies in the mosh pits. And don’t forget the sunscreen, it’s not fun to walk around the whole day with a sun burn.

For more Warped Tour info like dates and bands: here


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