Bands and Fans


Music styles change as bands get older and fans tastes change. Musicians try to change how they sound just a little to keep their fans and to grab the attention of future fans.

Musicians make music to make them happy and they love when they make fans happy with their music. Some big musicians become more focused on the money they make by selling albums and the profits made by selling overpriced band/musician merch at shows and stores.

In some cases some bands have physically changed, for example, Panic! At the Disco had 3 band members and now it is just Brendon Urie and his forehead (many memes about his forehead).

Some bands have broken up and gotten back together, like Fall Out Boy. And some bands have broken up and fans keep hoping they will get back together, like My Chemical Romance.

Music styles change no matter what. Fans sometimes aren’t happy at first about the change in style, but they get used to the change and learn to love it.

With all the bands getting older they change a lot to stay relevant to current and potential fans. Some band even change their hair every week and fans go crazy about it.

Alternative music has changed a lot. Paramore for example, has changed their music from edgy to more of a modern form of alternative.  

One band that has not changed their music style is Mayday Parade. They have been playing the same type of music since 2007 and fans keep coming back for more.

Fall Out Boy music took a turn for the worst since they got back together a few years ago. They used to make more edgy music and now they make music that people think is edgy, but really isn’t. They think that the music they make now is way better than the old music they used to make.

Fans now are so judgy (if that’s even a word) of other forms music. In the early 2000s fans were all accepting of other fans music and supported every genre.  Fans always bring fans of a different genre down because they don’t think it is real music.

Over the years not just bands have changed. Fans have changed the music industry just as much as the musicians have. And it may not be for the better.

Music was made to bring people together and now people are using it to bring others down, when they should be supporting each other and encourage each other even if they aren’t fans of that band.


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