Bands and Albums Turning 10


Bands and/or their albums are turning 10 this year. To make a big deal about it they are doing 10 year anniversary tours to show that they are still going strong and want to make more music in the future. However, some bands aren’t going on tour, but they should.

One band that is making a huge deal about their album turning 10 is Mayday Parade. They’ve a website all about the debut album, A Lesson in Romantics. The website is all about the tour and the album. They have a bunch of merch bundles that revolve around the album.

A Lesson in Romantics was the band’s full length album after being signed to Fearless Records. It was released in July of 2007. The album has iconic man holding onto the red umbrella that is also seen on the Anywhere But Here album in 2009.

The tour is two and a half months of A Lesson in Romantics. The tour is currently underway, starting in New Orleans, LA and ending in Orlando, FL. The tour is even coming to Clifton Park.

Since Mayday Parade is doing a 10 year anniversary tour, fans think other bands should do the same. A bunch of music news outlets have even made lists to show what bands could go on tour this year.

Some bands have songs that everyone needs to see live because it adds to the experience of the song. Some bands even make songs only to play on tour and only play it on that tour.

Some bands that fans think should do a 10 year anniversary tour are, All Time Low, 3OH!3, Pierce the Veil, Everytime I Die, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, The Used, and A Day to Remember.

These bands are well over 10 years old, but they made some of the best albums in 2007 and if they were revisited on a 10 year anniversary tour fans would fangirl hard for months.

The 10 year anniversary tour is more than a regular headlining tour. It would be all about the album that came out and all the renditions the bands have made of it.

For more tour info click here.

For more info on bands and their albums turning 10 click here and here.


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