Löwin Guitarist Shot in Armed Robbery


The guitarist for the band Löwin, Michael Sanders was shot during an armed robbery in Austin, Texas on March 13. He was in Texas for the music festival, South by Southwest. Sanders is a local Texan and was supposed to perform at the festival with his band during the week.

According to the Austin Chronicle there were three attackers. Two of them had handguns and the third had AR15 rifle.

Sanders was on his way home from the festival when the three armed men jumped out of a bush. They pushed Sanders into a car and took his wallet and cell phone.

As the attackers were going to their car and Sanders was walking to his house one of the attackers used his handgun and shot Sanders in the shoulder.

Sanders recall to the Austin Chronicle, “It wasn’t as scary as it was matter-of-fact and surreal”. Sanders recalls his thoughts at the moment he was hit “My first thought to myself was ‘Oh my god, he shot me.’ My second thought was realizing that it didn’t hurt as bad as I would have expected.”

Sanders had no way to contact the police, so he set off his alarm and went to one of his neighbors who called the police for him. On his way to the local hospital he was told that no major arteries were hit.

At the hospital he found out that the bullet fractured his humerus and he was lucky his humerus wasn’t shattered.

Sadly Sanders was not able to provide any information about his attackers so that they could be arrested.

Sanders will make a full recovery, but his injury limits the movement in his picking arm, so he will not be playing anytime soon.

For more information go here.


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