First blog post

I have always had an interest in music, mostly with bands/musicians most people have never heard of like SayWeCanFly, Social Repose, and many more. I love the way they sound. It all sounds different from each other and the popular music, that I think all sounds the same.

It might be because I’m biased about it and I want to expand my views of the music world. I’ve always wanted to be apart of the music world. I’m hoping to find a career being a photographer for a music magazine or photographing album covers.  

This blog is about news in the alternative music world. Updating you on bands you never heard of and bands that might come on the radio. Sometimes I’ll find bands i’ve never heard of. I will try to include links for you to listen to some music from the bands I will talk about. Some bands I will talk about and cover might be old and probably have broken up.

Music has always been a big part of my life and I am happy to share my music with other people. I hope I can expand the way other people see music. 


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